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If someone asks you what your favorite Burmese dish is, you may have to think a little hard. If you compare Burmese foods with other Southeast Asian cuisines, you’ll notice that they’ve been out of the spotlight for too long – which is perplexing because they’re delicious. The fact that Myanmar (formerly Burma) has only been opening up their country for tourism since 2011 may contribute to this factor.

That’s why now is the time to give it the attention it deserves!

Just like its culture, the traditional food in Myanmar is diverse, fresh and unique – because it has many influences from surrounding regions, such as Chinese, Shan, Mon, Rakhine and especially Chennai in the southeastern coast of India. Burmese cuisine even has their version of Atho – a noodle salad dish commonly found in Chennai.

Their snacks and desserts are abundant and delicious. Walking around Yangon, you’ll find their street foods to be an absolute delight that you might find yourselves eating with the locals.

They’re also well known for their salads and vegetarian recipes – like their unique fermented tea leaf salad. So, what’s not to love?

Either you’re looking at a menu in a Burmese restaurant near you, cooking a recipe from a video you found online or walking the streets of Yangon to get some traditional Mohinga – no need to look for another essay, we guarantee that this complete list will be all you need.

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Turkish cuisine with its very rich history has long been considered as one of the greatest in the world. Turkish culinary traditions have roots over for 1,300 years back. The fact that Turkey’s located in between Europe and Asia, together with its Mediterranean climate aid to its interesting food.

The Turkish people are descendants of nomadic tribes from Mongolia, which is why their traditional food recipes also have several influences from Chinese and Persians – such as noodles and manti. And as the Turks moved further westward into Anatolia, they encountered Grecian cuisine and are introduced to olive oil and seafood.

Their street foods are also rich with varieties, form the spicy Tantuni or wrap to their beautiful sweet snacks like the world famous Baklava. You can even have main meals and breakfast in the street with the likes of Borek as their staple dish.

Are you ready to dive in yet?

Go through our list complete with pictures to assist you when you’re trying to order from a menu at a Turkish restaurant near you. We’d like to warn you that it’s a mouth-watering one, so scroll at your own risk!

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Walking around the streets, there’s a big chance that you can already spot several Cuban inspired restaurants that you’re familiar with.

You probably already have your take on what food in Cuba is like, given its notoriety. You could probably name a few.

Who doesn’t know their famous street foods like Cubano Sandwiches? Or their decadent and sinful Tres Leches Cake? Lastly, everybody knows that rum and coke is a delicious combination.

But Cuban cuisine is so much more than that.

Given the history, Cuban cuisine is a unique blend of different cultures. Traditional recipes have influences from many different areas of the world. For example, empanadas Spanish roots, and Ropa vieja has Caribbean spices.

African, Caribbean and even Chinese recipes have influenced the modern day cuisine of Cuba. Generally speaking, Cuba shares methods and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, but with some Caribbean flavor in their spices and ingredients.

Go through our complete list of must-try Cuban dish. We’ll even throw in our recommendations of which Cuban drinks to try.

Either it’s the meaty main dishes or vegetable-based side dishes, we’ve got you covered.

And trust us, it’s not just rice and beans.

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When it comes to Sweden, everybody would think about simple and clean-lined furniture.

And when it comes to Swedish food, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be the famous Swedish meatballs or kottbullar doused in yummy lingonberry sauce.

But that’s not all.

The Swedes are also well known for their beautiful seafood, simple pea soup, and their smorgasbord spread. From their famous fish casserole, Janssons frestelse that’s eaten during Christmas celebration, to their crayfish party, even to their semi-palatable fermented or pickled herring called Surstromming.

In this list, we have prepared 73 top food and drinks that you must try. A comprehensive list where you get to know all the Swedish main courses, desserts, pastries, treats and beverages that you need to know.

So be it hosting a party and making Swedish snacks yourself with online recipes, going to a Swedish restaurant near you, or visiting Stockholm; you get to choose how to enjoy them.

It might be overwhelming looking at the wide varieties that Swedish cuisine has, but never fear because we’re here to guide you on which dish to pick.

Look through our list as you decide what you’re ordering (or making) tomorrow!

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When you hear about Georgian cuisine, you automatically think about the fluffy, cheesy and insta-famous Khachapuri – which happens to be the country’s national dish. Or maybe you think about US state, Georgia. Or even the 18th century Georgian Era.

But no, that’s not what we’re talking about. You think that a cheesy bread is probably all the small country has to offer. You’re not too familiar with the region and don’t think much of it.

Here’s the deal:

Not many know this, but Georgia has a diverse selection of cuisine. Some people may call Georgia as a cheese lover’s paradise, but it also has delectable appetizers, meat, desserts, wine, and even vegetarian dishes.

Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it shares borders with Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. With Caucasian, Eastern Europe and Asian influences, Georgian foods is a must try for your taste buds.

That’s why in this article we’re going to give you the ultimate list of delicious Georgian Foods that you must try.

With this list, whether you’re traveling to its capital city Tbilisi, going to a local Georgian restaurant near you, or even cooking your own from a Georgian food blog recipe – you’ll know which dish you should try. We have conveniently divided the list into cheeses, vegetarians, meat, desserts, and wines for you.

We’ll also provide where you can get these Georgian dishes. Either it’s simple enough to cook, or if you can get them at restaurants in Tbilisi or near you.

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Peanut butter is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of breakfast spreads. Relatively low in carbs, it’s ideal in a Keto diet and you can consume it without much concern of getting kicked out of ketosis.

Tastewise, peanut butter is delicious. According to connoisseurs, peanut butter has a unique texture that first sticks and then melts in your mouth.

But, it’s peanut butter, and not everyone enjoys peanuts. Some people are allergic to it to such an extent that even a teaspoon full of peanut butter is enough to kill them. The percentage of people allergic to peanut butter is relatively small, but the risk is always there.

So, what about the other 99% of people who aren’t allergic to peanut butter? Is it unhealthy for them as well?

Let’s find out whether peanut butter is healthy or unhealthy for human health.

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Tagines, couscous, harira, Gazelle horns… Moroccan cuisine is rich in tastes and flavors!

Rich in flavor and taste and cleverly spiced, Moroccan cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. The diversity of its dishes is only equaled by its influences: Arabic, Berber, Moorish, Jewish, African and even Asian!

Whether they are prepared for celebrations or everyday meals, here are the 16 top Moroccan specialties that will awaken your taste buds!

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What is called Fragaria ananassa, is bright red, has a very juicy texture, a distinct aroma, and somewhat sweet flavor?

It’s a strawberry.

Heck, I don’t know about you, but I love Fragarias ananassas!

The fruit’s originated in Europe in the 18th century. You can call it a hybrid between two wild strawberry species, one from Chile and the other from North America.

Strawberries are highly nutritious and good for health. Not only are these an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C, but strawberries also contain adequate amounts of potassium and folate (B9). Moreover, strawberries have a rich proportion of antioxidants and plant compounds.

This is why strawberries are considered suitable for heart health and controlling blood sugar levels.

Usually, strawberries are eaten fresh and raw, but you can use them in a variety of sweet treats such as jams, jellies, ice creams, smoothies, cakes, and many other desserts.

Strawberries are also commonly used for food flavoring.

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If you’re like most Americans, there is a good chance that you’re eating more sugar than you should to remain healthy.

Sugar consumption has never been as high as it’s today. In a century, we’ve gone from 1 kg per year per capita to 25 kg per year per capita and this is still increasing!

Responsible for 35 million deaths per year, we could almost talk about a serial killer!

This should make us reflect a little!

Sugar, the element that’s everywhere in our diet, which exalts our taste buds and gives us a feeling of immediate well-being, that food which reassures us and that we give to children when they have behaved, that pure white molecule, added to our drinks so they taste better is certainly the worst poison for our cells!

And yes, we are addicted to sugar, industrial products abound in supermarket shelves, children are always asking for more because they are used to eating sweet food very early on, their cells are craving for more like addicts for their dose of heroin.

But at the same time, diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular conditions are on the rise.

We often talk about the damage that regular sugar consumption causes to the body, but why not talk about the benefits of quitting?

There are many benefits, and we’ll enumerate them in this article.

This should motivate you to reduce your consumption and restrict it to only certain occasions! We’re also gonna show you in this article how you to stop eating sugar and it’s easier than you think.

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