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Amazing Butt Workout Tips For Women With Booty Queen Babeth Lando

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Whether natural or not, Kim Kardashian’s buttocks are firm and plump. And the star does everything to maintain them! Targeted exercises to work the buttocks, training frequency, diet …

Today, we’ll reveal you everything you need to know to have to have Kim’s booty. 

Indeed, we asked Miami-based fitness trainer and booty queen Babeth Lando about how anyone can build a fantastic body with the right nutrition and workouts. 

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Babeth Lando. I am Congolese and French.

Growing up in Paris, I directed my enthusiasm and energy towards my passions: Singing and Athletics. Throughout my whole life, I have remained determined and focused on doing what I love in life.

In 2012, my efforts finally paid off: I was thrust into the spotlight as a finalist on Nouvelle Star, France’s American Idol. My success on the French TV opened some doors. I made my choice for a notable label in Miami and embarked on my real American dream. 

Babeth Lando In Tight Clothes Showing Her Big Round Booty
Credits: Lou Feese

2. How did you discover fitness?

As a kid, I was always athletic. I used to run track all the way through high school.  Six years ago I went through a rough time.  When I felt I had nowhere to turn, I got back in the gym. Heading to the gym and working out is not only my passion, but it’s also a lifestyle.

My physical training helped me overcome some of my hardest times as well as to reap some of the greatest rewards on earth.

Babeth Lando Sexy Thighs
Credits: Lou Feese

3. Do you have a particular philosophy with regards to coaching and training?

Well for me, training is about way more than just looking good, working out helps me grow, develop, and heal as a person.
When times are tough, I draw on my training to get through it. I train through pain, through struggle, through fear, and through depression. I know that to get where I want to be I have to push through, just as I do in the gym.
The tools I use in the gym: discipline, focus, and perseverance are the very same tools I rely on in my life on a daily basis. 
Babeth Lando 10
Credits: Lou Feese
I share as much as I can with others about living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  When facing difficult circumstances, so many talented people abandon their dreams to survive and sometimes to take care of others, often sacrificing wellness and overall health. 

I have had my fair share of struggle and challenges, and I know that sometimes all someone needs to live their best life is: 

  •  a little bit of support 
  • access to the proper tools 
  • a taste of the power provided by focus, inspiration, and dedication.  
Babeth Lando In High Heels And Shorts Revealing Her Sexy Body And Big Booty
Credits: Lou Feese

4. How did you sculpt such a great body?

Consistency.  Over the past six years, I’ve stayed committed to my workout routine, physical fitness, and proper nutrition.  If you do anything consistently, over a period, you are going to be successful.  And that holds true for our bodies. 

It doesn’t matter where you are right now physically. If you keep going, you will sculpt a fantastic physique.  If you wish to see great results, you must be willing to follow a healthy diet and cut your calorie intake. 

You must start by calculating the proper daily calorie intake you’ll need and by making a few smart food changes that will support your transformation.  Add a lot of fiber, eat healthy fats, eat your greens, and drink a lot of water!!!

Babeth Lando At The Grocery In Sexy Clothes
Credits: Lou Feese

5. Do you use any supplements? If yes, which ones?

If I am training really hard, I will sometimes have a protein shake or a protein drink.  I love Dymatize ISO100 protein; it’s the best. Adequate and proper nutrition is a must, even when I am on the go.

Babeth Lando Heels
Credits: Lou Feese

6. What’s your personal favorite booty exercise?

My personal favorite is the Standing Cable Kickback.  The cable allows me to have the right amount of resistance, and the movement allows me to target and lift my glutes efficiently. 

Improve Your Glute Kickbacks – Tips & Tricks

7. Do you have any final tips for women who are considering adding strength training to their routine to improve their booties?

I think strength training should be part of every fitness routine. The booty has some of the most massive and strongest muscles in our body. Thus, strength training, resistance training, and weight training are all great tools to target and sculpt your backside.  Anybody considering adding strength training to their booty routine should go for it.

Babeth Lando Sexy
Credits: Lou Feese

Babeth Lando’s Outdoor Lower Body Workout: 

Wanna feel the burn? Babeth Lando’s stair workout will sculpt your lower body. Do two sets of each exercise and rest for a minute between sets: 

  • Stair Squat Hops
  • Single Step Squat Hops for 15 reps
  • Stair Duck Walk
  • Alternating Squat Hop with Toe Hop
  • Alternating Lunge Jumps
  • Toe Taps
  • Stair Lateral Jumps
  • Stair Sprints

Contact Babeth: 

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  1. Maintaining a positive attitude when going through a difficult time takes determination and the right mindset. I salute you Babeth for sharing your story with others.

  2. It is true, having a fitness routine and maintaining it is the only way to achieve permanent results.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Being at a low point in my life at the moment I needed to read your article. The tips and suggestions of how to get your life back on track will really me to get my life back on track.

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