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Do you want to know what Kim Kardashian used to eat when she was younger while listening to her father talking about their Armenian heritage? Yeah, in case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian has an Armenian background, a country with a rich cultural past.

If you’re a Cognac amateur, you’ve probably already tasted their world-class liquors. However, Armenia doesn’t just produce some of the finest alcoholic beverages; it also offers a very diverse cuisine.

Indeed, Armenian dishes are clear proof of the way history, traditions, and culture of a region influences the nation’s food preferences. Armenian cuisine isn’t just a reflection of the past and geography of the country as Levantine and European cuisines profoundly influence it.

With over two thousand years of history, Armenian cuisine still sticks proudly to its heritage: even Armenia’s traditional crops and cattle regularly feature in their dishes.

So, let’s check out these 36 must-eat foods in Armenia.

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Lebanon is a small country located in the Middle East by the Mediterranean Sea.

Its capital city Beirut is so amazingly charming and inviting that it’s called the Paris of the Middle East. Beirut has everything a capital city could offer visitors, beautiful locales, rich cultural heritage, clean and refreshing ambience, and scumptious cuisine. If you are planning to visit Lebanon, prepare yourself for some yummy sweet and savory delights.

Lebanese cuisine is truly the Middle East’s best-kept secret.

Believe me; Lebanese dishes are worth trying and you might adopt some of them like me as I have Shish Taouk at least once a week. It’s full of protein, high in fiber and truly delicious.

Check out some of the most delicious foods that I got to relish on my trip to Lebanon.

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