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78 Popular Pakistani Foods You Must Try

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The food culture in Pakistan is influenced by the area surrounding it, which are the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. The multicultural nature and diverse ethnicities of Pakistan add to the various elements in Pakistani Cuisine.

That’s why, if you think their dishes are all spicy, oily and heavy – it’s not.

Although the cuisine from eastern provinces of Punjabi and Sindhi are highly seasoned and spicy, the ones from the western and northern regions are “mild.” That’s where Pakistani cuisine differs from Indian food – the eastern provinces may be influenced by Indian spices, but the western and northern regions lean more toward Central Asian flavors.

In this article, we’ve tried to compile the complete list of Pakistani food – and although it’s not in Urdu, we try to make it as authentic as possible, complete with pictures and facts about the food so you can order them more conveniently (or even cook them with online recipe in your kitchen).

The many varieties of Pakistani dishes will be mentioned – from meat dishes (beef, mutton, chicken, lamb), healthy vegetarian dishes, snacks, desserts, and we’ll even cover the most popular drinks. You’ll see that most of the dishes are Halal, due to the majority of Muslim in the country.

If you’re drooling after the article, you shouldn’t worry; because Pakistani restaurants are quite ubiquitous everywhere and a quick search will give you a substantial list. So whether you’re booking your ticket to Karachi, or want to grab chutney for your Chapati from a Pakistani joint near you, this list is for you.

Meat Dishes

1. Shami Kebab

A Shami kebab is a small patty of minced beef or chicken and ground chickpeas and spices. It’s very popular during Ramadan month – which is the holy fasting month in the Islamic religion – as the patty is easy to be handled and easy to make.

The patty is made from mixing boneless meat, green chilies, fresh coriander, mint, chat masala, boiled eggs, and onions. It’s then dipped in egg and then fried. When it’s served, it usually comes with chutney to dip the Patti in for added flavor.

2. Chapli Kebab

This Kebab is a widely popular version in Pakistan. A spiced, tangy round kebab made of ground beef and cooked in animal fat. A specialty of Peshawar in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The beef patty is mixed together with South Asian spices, then flattened and shallow fried. The result is a charred patty that tastes beautiful and authentic. It’s served inside a bun and pickled red onion or with a side of bread.

3. Chicken Keema Kebab

Chicken Keema is mustard hued-ground chicken with green chilies and cilantro. The locals usually prefer a much spicier variant of this grilled meat. If you prefer a milder flavor, you can ask for less spicy Chicken Keema – but we recommend you go full on and try the spicy ones!

4. Lamb Kebab

The all lamb meat kebab is usually served as cubes. The taste is hot and sour, and the addition of mustard oil gives it an interesting flavor. The lamb marinates overnight, formed into skewers and then grilled and served with chutney and Naan.

5. Bihari Kebab

Bihari Kebab, which are skewers of beef mixed with herbs and seasoning that’s marinated overnight to guarantee its tender texture and flavorful taste. It’s quite a spicy dish and is available as street food. Enjoy it with piping hot Naans, and of course some Lassi to wash down the spicy meat!

6. Bun Kebab

Bun Kebab is a sandwich that’s originated from Karachi. You can find it in food stalls and restaurants all around Pakistan. They use chicken, beef or mutton as their meat base.

It consists of a spicy patty that’s shallow fried, onion, chutney and a bun. The patty itself is mixed with ground lentils, powdered cumin and egg batter which is then fried. To kick it up a notch, you can also ask the seller to add a fried egg or omelet – People say that the beef and egg one is the most popular.

7. Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebab is a long skewer of beef mixed with herbs and seasonings. It comes from the Indian subcontinent, made with Indian spices and cooked in a barbecue grill or tandoor oven.

The dish takes its name from the skewer (seekh). The Kebab can also be made with mutton or chicken meat. It’s slathered in spices and grilled to perfection. You can consume the meat with roti, onion, and chutney.

8. Chicken Tikka Masala

This dish originated from the Punjab region and is famous in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Traditionally it is made from boneless chicken baked using skewers after being marinated in Indian spices and yogurt.

To take the dish from Chicken Tikka to Chicken Tikka Masala, the masala sauce is added which is a combination of yogurt, tomato, and spices. The result is a delicious, rich and moist chicken. The original recipe calls for a tandoor oven, which gives it the signature orange color.

9. Shashlik

Shashlik is grilled marinated baby lamb chops. It’s skewered and grilled cubes, similar to shish kebab. Modern recipes sometimes change up the lamb and use beef or pork instead – but vendors in Pakistan usually don’t use pork.

The meat is marinated overnight in a high acidity liquid and then threaded through the skewers, alternating with vegetables such as pepper, onion, mushroom or tomatoes. Then it’s grilled outside, making it the perfect dish for your summer get-together.

10. Shawarma

A dish based on doner kebab of Ottoman Turkey, Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods. You can find it almost anywhere, with a wide range of variety – from turkey, chicken, beef, or veal.

The meat is is cut in thin slices and stacked into cone-like shape then shaved off as it continually cooks. It can be served on a plate, or a wrap inside a flatbread.

11. Boti Kebab

Boti Kebab is a delicious mutton kebab that’s perfect to serve during get-togethers. The dish is prepared using cubed mutton pieces, marinated with papaya paste, green chili and garlic paste. It’s then sprinkled with spices and grilled to perfection on skewers.

You can enjoy Boti Kebab with Roti or with rice, and make a substantial meal out of it. You can also serve it as starters or finger food at dinner parties. You can’s miss this dish if you’re someone who loves spicy and flavorful dish.

12. Kaleji Kebab

Kaleji Kebab is made out of the liver, particularly goat’s liver. The liver is marinated in curry spices and is then cooked in the marinate gravy. Even if you’re not fond of liver, you should give this a taste. The marinade will make the flavor more mellow, and the texture is unique.

13. Aloo Gohst

Aloo Gohst is a curry of goat meat and potatoes. This dish is a staple not just in the Indian subcontinent but also Southeast Asia and the Carribean.

Curry goat is a dish that’s made during special occasions – and it’s a popular meat choice for Hindus because they don’t eat beef and for Muslims, because they don’t eat pork – so goat is a happy medium. The meat is cooked inside the spices until tender and served with rice or Naan.

14. Haleem

This dish is a famous stew throughout India and Pakistan. Haleem consists of wheat or barley, meat, and lentils. The meat in Haleem is minced then slow cooked for seven to eight hours, resulting in a paste-like consistency – blending the flavors of spices, meat, barley, and wheat beautifully.

The first recipe of this traditional dish was said to date back to the 10th century; it’s even written inside the world’s oldest surviving Arabic cookbook – Kitab Al-Tabikh. To get a taste of the ancient world, Haleem is a compulsory dish to try when you visit Pakistan.

15. Khichra

Khichra is a variation of Haleem and is cooked all year – mainly through during the Muharram month. It’s made of goat meat, beef, lentils, and spices. The Khichra is then cooked into a very thick paste.

In Pakistan, you can buy Khichra as street food in most cities. The difference with Haleem is that Khichra’s me at is shaped into cubes – so it retains some of its original texture.

16. Nihari

Nihari is a very popular dish, and ’some say it’s the national dish of Pakistan. The dish is known for its spiciness and texture. The original recipe requires you to cook it overnight – so that the meat is tender.

Nihari is available in Pakistani restaurant everywhere in the world. The leftover of Nihari from the previous day is usually added into the next batch, and this provides it a very deep and distinct flavor. The stew consists of shank meat from beef, chicken, or lamb and mutton along with bone marrow.

17. Pasanda

Aside from Pakistan, you can also find this dish in other regions of the Indian subcontinent; notably North India and Hyderabad. The word Pasanda means favorite, which refers to the favorite or prime cut of the meat that’s used for this dish.

The original Pasanda is made from lamb or goat, marinated and fried in a dish with spices. But throughout the years, people also use chicken, beef and king prawns. ’Usually, people serve it with a side of rice.

18. Paya Curry

Paya Curry is a tasty goat or mutton’s trotter curry. This particular curry is a traditional Pakistani breakfast and one of the most finger licking and satisfying dishes there is. You can’t help but soak up the curry with Naan or Roti.

19. Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi Biryani is a popular dish in the Sindhi cuisine – which is a region in Pakistan. A celebratory meal, Sindhi Biryani is usually consumed during special occasions – weddings or religious ceremonies.

Biryanis are usually cooked in two separate pots, one for the rice and another for the meat. The dish is famously spicy, and the spiciness is countered by sour yogurt that often acts as an accompaniment to the meal.

20. Sindhi Pulao

Sindhi Pulao is another popular dish from the Sindhi cuisine. It’s a type of rice pilaf, prepared with mutton, beef or chicken. Similar to Sindhi Biryani, people consume Sindhi Pulao during special occasions such as wedding ceremonies.

The difference between Sindhi Pulao and Biryani is that Pulao is a one-pot dish, where the rice and meat are simmered together in the liquid or stock. Sindhi Pulao is more straightforward to make and allows the flavor to blend truly.

21. Mutton Taka Tak

This dish consists of stir-fried mutton, sweet bread, and kidney. It has a genuinely spicy flavor and is served with plain white rice. Although you might cringe at the ingredients, we remind you that the spices would practically make you forget that the dish has organs in it. It’s a very tasty and nutritious meal commonly enjoyed in Pakistan.

22. Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken Jalfrezi is a delightfully flavorful curry, with juicy and tender chicken chunks in spicy tomato sauce. It’s refreshing and tasteful, and best of all – it’s straightforward to make. The stir-fry style means that it takes about 30 minutes from the pot to your plate. Find a simple recipe online, whip up some Chicken Jalfrezi and serve with rice or Naan! Dinner sorted.

23. Sajji

The origin of Sajji is the Balochistan province in Pakistan, but it’s available in all regions of Pakistan. Sajji consists of whole chicken or lamb in skewers that are marinated in salt then covered with green papaya taste, stuffed with rice and roasted over coal.

You can enjoy Sajji with roti or naan. The fresh taste of the marinade and meat makes it a delightful dish. If you ever visit Pakistan, this is one of the dishes that you must have.

24. Multani Chaamp

Multani Chaamp is the tandoori lamb chops, that’s finger licking good you won’t leave any meat behind on the bones. The lamb chops are marinated in ginger garlic paste, raw papaya paste and salt then grilled until ready.

25. Lahori Tawa Tali Machli

Pakistan is not just about red meat and chicken; this dish is made out of fish fillet dipped in a creamy mixture of rice flour, egg, cornflour, and spices. It’s shallow fried and served with chutney. So if you’re up for a lighter dish that still satisfies your stomach, this is the one for you!

Vegetarian dishes

26. Aloo Bhujia

If you love potato, then Pakistani dishes are perfect for you! Aloo Bhujia is one of those recipes that use potatoes as its main ingredient. In this dish, the potatoes are boiled then fried mixed with green coriander, green chilies, and spices. This dish can be served with rice or roti; but if you’re worried you’re going to be too full from all the carbs, you can enjoy it on its own instead.

27. Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a dish made out of potato and cauliflower. The two vegetables complement each other very well, which makes this dish a favorite among locals. The vegetables are cooked in a tomato based curry and simmered until soft. Enjoy your Aloo Gobi with rice or rotis.

28. Aloo Matar

This is another popular dish, that’s easy and simple to make. Made with potatoes, peas in a curry sauce with onion-tomato based. You can enjoy your Aloo Matar with roti.

29. Arbi Masala

Arbi, also known as arvi or taro, is a root vegetable. When Arbi is cooked with masala, it makes a great spicy dish that’s enjoyable and filling. You can serve Arbi Masala with roti, puri or flatbread. The recipe is quite simple as well, just by sauteeing the taro with the spices, you’ll get to enjoy this authentic Pakistani dish.

30. Baingan ka Bharta

Baingan – or aubergine – is only available during peak summer seasons which is why this dish is commonly consumed during summer nights. This dish is smashed aubergines that are spiced and roasted.

The tomatoes, onions, chilies, fenugreek and other spices make this dish very tasty as well as healthy. You can eat Baingan ka Bharta with hot flatbread, and then finish it off with some salty Lassi, get ready to nap as you fill your belly.

31. Baghara Baingan

This is another vegetarian dish that uses aubergines as the main ingredient. The eggplants are placed into skillet then cooked inside a curry gravy until soft. Just like Baingan ka Bharta, you can enjoy this dish with flatbreads or Naan.

32. Lauki daal

Lauki is a vegetable also commonly known as bottle gourd. It’s widely available during the summer, which makes it perfect for breezy summer night meals. Lauki is widely used for dieting purposes, and many say you can lose weight by eating it.

In Pakistan, you can enjoy Lauki by making it into Lauki daal. The ingredients consist of boiled channa daal, coconut, chilis, tomatoes, and spices. Enjoy it hot, just like curry – and don’t forget to get your Naan or Roti ready for dipping.

33. Karela Masala

Karela is a bitter squash that is good for your health. It’s often consumed in Pakistan due to its health benefits. The trick to enjoying Karela is by eliminating its bitterness; one of the ways is to add tomato masala to make it more refreshing and delicious.

Karela is rich in fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. So go and have some Karela Masala with rice or Naan – and watch your health improve.

34. Bhindi

The direct translation for Bhindi is lady finger or okra – and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a great vegetable that you’ve been missing out on. Moreover, they are high in fiber and good for joints and knees lubrication.

In Pakistan, the okras are washed and dried then fried with a medley of spices. The dish is delicious and nutritious. Pair Bhindi with green chutney, and you’ve got yourself a full, balanced meal!

35. Saag

Saag is spiced purees of spinach and other greens; they may contain additional ingredients like potatoes, cheese, chicken, chickpeas, or even mincemeat to make it a more substantial dish.

You can eat saag along with naan and topped with ghee. This dish is healthy, warm and delicious. Perfect to eat when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

36. Chana Masala

Traditionally, Chana Masala is made from green chilis, onion, garlic, fresh cilantro, spices, chickpeas, and tomatoes. The ingredient that you can’t leave out in this dish is garam masala – which gives it that flavorful and hearty taste. You can enjoy this dish on its own, over rice, or roasted vegetables.

37. Sai Bhaji

Sai Bhaji is a dish derived from Sindhi cuisine, and the wholesome dish means Sai (green) and Bhaji (vegetables) with some Dal cooked together to make a delectable vegetarian dish. For the greens, many varieties of vegetables are used like spinach, dill, and fenugreek, and the Bhaji consists of Eggplants, Carrots, and Zucchini. Healthy and flavorful, this dish is not to be missed!

38. Moong Dal

Moong Dal is a healthy vegetarian dish comfort food made from yellow split lentil and many spices. This dish is extremely rich in protein and is a staple food throughout South Asian, and is even considered as the primary source of protein for vegetarians in the region. Serve this dish with rice and roti to get a hearty meal that’s good for you.

Snacks and side dishes

39. Yogurt Raita

This yogurt-based condiment comes from India and is also hugely popular in Pakistan. It’s often served as a side dish and dip. It resembles the Greek’s Tzatziki, as it uses thick yogurt, and a variety of vegetable, fruits, and spices. The difference is it has cumin and red chili powder that give this condiment a more exotic flavor.

40. Roti/naan

This ultimate side dish is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread that can be found in many cuisines – and one of them is Pakistani. The most well-known one is, of course, the Indian variety. Typically served hot after cooked in a tandoor oven.

The difference with Pakistan’s Naan is they’re flavored with fragrant essences such as rose, khus, or with butter or ghee. You can eat Naan on its own, or as a companion to your dish.

41. Bhalla

Bhalla is sold in shops and kiosk all over the Indian subcontinent. The dish is made from green bean paste, added to spices and then deep fried to make croquet. Then the croquet is garnished with yogurt (dahi), dried ginger and tamarind sauce, and spices. Believe it or not, this deep fried dish is served cold.

42. Chaat

Chaat is a savory snack, typically served on the roadside and foods stalls in the streets of any Pakistan city. The word itself was derived from Hindi that means tasting something noisily.

The original Chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread, chickpeas, and spices. Chaat is then paired with some yogurt and green coriander. There are many types of Chaat, such as Dahi puri and Panipuri which we’ll talk about later on in this article.

43. Kabab

Kabab is a staple that’s handy to have for a quick snack, or as a sandwich filling. The Kabab is made out of mincemeat combined with onions, cilantro, chilis, spices, and eggs as binding agents. Eat them with a sprinkle of lemon juice, dip in chutney, or as we already mentioned – by making a sandwich out of it. Enjoy!

44. Pakora

Pakoras are the perfect companion to the rainy season, and pairs well with a cup of Chai (which we will mention later on in drinks section). The right Pakora has a lightly puffy but crispy golden brown exterior. It has a spicy, tart flavor; thanks to the onion, potato, green chilli, and coriander.

Eat Pakoras with a simple green chutney to make it even more delicious. Thank us later!

45. Papadum

You can find Papadums in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Papadums are typically served as a side dish to a meal, and in Pakistan, Papadums are made of rice. They are made very crisp and flat and is the perfect companion for chutneys or curries to dip into.

46. Samosa

Samosas are already well known as a delicacy from the Indian subcontinent, and you can find Samosas in Nepal, Burma, India, and Pakistan. But each of the countries has their take on the recipe.

The Pakistan Samosa itself has many variations, such as the spicy and vegetarian ones from southern province, or the spicy and meat-filled samosas from the west and north regions. But no worries, most restaurants offer many variations, so the choice is entirely up to you.

47. Mamtu

Mamtu comes from the region called Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. These are little dumplings, often used as the perfect starter for your party. They’re made out of chopped meat (lamb or beef), onion, vegetables, and spices. The mixture is wrapped inside the dough and steamed to perfection.

48. Boondi raita

This dish is made from sweetened, fried chickpea flour. It’s a very sweet dish, so a little goes a long way. Boondi raita contains curd, boondi, and seasonings. It’s a popular side dish that is eaten with seasoned rice or other meals.

49. Dahi Puri

The dish is a form of chaat (crisp fried bread with potato pieces and chickpeas) and originated from the city of Mumbai. The puri is broken on top and then filled with mashed potatoes and chickpeas. Then tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney is added to the top of the dish.

It’s also accompanied by a generous amount of yogurt and crushed serv, moong dal and pomegranate. The spectrum of flavor and texture from crunchy to soft makes for an exciting dish.

50. Lukhmi

Lukhmi is a non-vegetarian derivative of samosa but shaped into a flat square patty. It’s an everyday savory starter of Pakistani and Indian cuisines. What makes Lukhmi different from other pastry is the use of yogurt as the main ingredient of the dough, and gives it more moisture.

51. Namak Para

Namak Para is also known as Nimki or Nimkin. It’s a crunchy savory snack you can find in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It’s a ribbon-like strip of pastry, seasoned with ajwain and cumin seeds in ghee. Namak Para is often compared to samosa.

52. Puri Bhaji

This dish is a combination of two dishes served together, as in Puri or flaky, deep-fried bread, and Bhaji, a mildly spiced potato stir fry. Although it makes for a good breakfast meal, it also can be served in a platter as a snack with pickle, green chutney, and rice.

If you ever visit Pakistan, you can look around the local restaurants, and you’ll find Puri Bhaji as a staple breakfast menu.

53. Panipuri

Panipuri consists of a round, hollow puri or bread, fried crisp and filled with flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas. This ubiquitous street snack can also be found in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

54. Paratha

Paratha is a flatbread that’s well-known throughout India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The bread is unleavened, which what makes it flat. It’s baked on a tava then finished off with frying.

Parathas are thicker than rotis because they are layered with ghee and has multiple folds. A paratha can be used as a side dish during breakfast or snack time. Usually, it’s eaten with curd, fried egg, omelet, or assorted spiced dish. You can also stuff Paratha with potatoes, paneer, onions or chili peppers.


55. Doodh Jalebi

Doodh Jalebi is a deep-fried batter soaked in syrup, then dunked in milk. You can eat Doodh Jalebi in both winter and summer. During winter, you can have it with warm milk; then in summer, have it in warm milk.

You can find Doodh Jalebi anywhere, in sweet shops, street vendors, and bazaars. If it’s not decadent enough for you, you can ask the vendor to top of your bowl with a dollop of fresh cream.

56. Kulfi

Kulfi is a traditional form of ice cream in Pakistan. The frozen dairy dessert is widely available in restaurants and street vendors. Kulfi is much denser and creamier compared to regular ice cream and comes in flavors like cream, rose, mango, cardamom, saffron, and pistachio. It’s the essential dessert you need to combat hot days in Pakistan.

57. Thoothi Firni

This is a milky, sweet, aromatic Pakistani pudding which served chilled during long scorching summers. There are two different pudding – one called Firni which is made from ground rice, and another called Kheer made from whole basmati rice.

Other ingredients include rose water and milk – which what gives it its vibrant, decadent and aromatic characteristics. It’s a beautiful dessert that will leave you wanting more.

58. Kulfa Falooda

Kulfa Falooda is a significant part of the Pakistani culture and especially served during Islamic holidays. It’s a cold dessert made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and pieces of jelly with milk. Several are made without noodles and blended with milk. It’s a cooling dessert, due to its ingredients.

59. Rabri Kheer

Rabri Kheer is a mouth-watering Pakistani and Indian dessert. People usually consume it during the month of Ramadan. Milk, rice, sugar and rabri (sweet, condensed milk) makes up the recipe for this delicious and healthy dessert. It also has dried nut to give it a bit of crunchy texture and nutty taste.

60. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is a carrot based sweet dessert from the Indian subcontinent. It’s traditionally served during festivities. The original recipe calls for carrots, milk, and ghee. The pudding is then garnished with chopped almonds and pistachios.

61. Jalebi

Eaten warm, straight from the cauldron, Jalebi is a favorite among the Pakistani sweet treats. The flavorless batter is drenched in sugar syrup, making the thin layers crunchy and delectable. Jalebi is sometimes sprinkled with coconut or pistachios.

62. Gola Ganda

Known for its summer heat, residents in Pakistan are always eager for fresh, frosty beverages they can have. One of the most popular ones is Gola Ganda.

As you down the streets in Karachi, you can spot different carts set up. You can visit the Ghazi Salahuddin Road in Dhoraji Society to locate more than 40 carts of dessert and drinks at your disposal.

Gola Ganda, or shaved ice, is usually drenched in raspberry, rooh-afza, orange, pineapple or ice cream soda. Then topped with canned fruit, dried fruit, and condensed milk.

63. Rasmalai

Rasmalai consists of white, cream or yellow colored cheese curds soaked in sugar syrup and milk with saffron, pistachios, and kheer as stuffing. The name itself comes from the word ros (juice) and malai (cream). It’s been described as rich cheesecake without the crust. So if you ever wonder what a rich cheesecake tastes like, have a bite of this decadent dessert.


64. Lassi

You probably already know about this traditional yogurt-based drink originated in the Indian subcontinent. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, spices, and fruit. It pairs nicely with the spicy food known from the continent.

The traditional Lassi from Pakistan was made salty and is still widespread across the country. Aside from the conventional salted Lassi, you can also get modern versions of Lassi – like Mango Lassi or strawberry Lassi. But if you want the authentic Pakistani taste, we recommend you to go for the salted Lassi!

65. Sattu

Sattu is made with roasted barley and gram powder. Therefore Sattu is one healthy drink that can give you thick hair and smooth skin. Although it tastes a little powdery, the health benefits make Sattu a drink that’s frequently consumed by everyone – from the elderly to pregnant women.

66. Doodh soda

Doodh soda is well known in the Punjab region of Pakistan and northern India. This drink is often served during the holy month of Ramadan to soothe the stomach after a whole day of not eating or drinking.

The milk soda is considered to be healthier than just plain soda and can counterpoint spicy food – like a light lassi. You can buy this drink at cafes and drink stands, or even make your own.

67. Gannay ka juice

This drink is available everywhere if you’re in Karachi. Gannay ka Juice is sugarcane juice, and aside from relieving you from the heat this drink is also said to have properties that combat cancer, shrinks your belly and clear out your skin.

68. Rabri Doodh

Rabri Doodh gets the name from amazing milk dessert, Rabri. It’s a bubbly creamy drink and works best during summers to keep you cool and hydrated.

The drink itself is made from milk, khoya, falooda, almonds, and basil seeds. Aside from the original, you can also get your Rabri Doodh with chocolate topping.

69. Zeera sharbat

Zeera sharbat is an amazing Pakistani thirst quencher, but can also be found in India. All you need is Zeera (cumin), sugar, pineapple essence, and lemon juice.

You need to heat up and cook the Zeera first, then add in the other ingredients as it cools down. Zeera sharbat is also healthy, as it’s a source of iron and dietary fiber.

70. Tarbooz e Afza

Tarbooz means watermelon, but this is not just a regular old watermelon juice. Add a tablespoon of Rooh Afza (a concentrate), lemon, crushed ice and enjoy your Tarbooz e Afza!

71. Iced Chai

You might already hear about Chai, and see them in the coffee shops. But an authentic Pakistani Chai is quite different from the ones you’ve seen before. The process is simple enough.

The ingredients are water, milk, loose tea leaves, cardamom pods, and sweetener. After boiling the water, add tea leaves and cardamom. You add milk to your Chai or tea, then use a ladle to repeatedly scoop up and pour back the Chai so that it’s frothy and light. Enjoy!

72. Falsa Juice

If you’re familiar with raspberries and strawberries, it’s time you get to know Pakistan’s favorite berry – Falsa. It’s a small tangy and sweet flavored dark purple fruit that’s native to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Srilanka, and Thailand.

Because Falsa rots pretty quickly, people usually make juice out of the fruit, so it lasts the whole summer. What’s better is the fact that Falsa has many health benefits. According to locals, Falsa relieves digestive issues, liver, and gallbladder problems.

73. Badam ka Sharbat

Badam ka Sharbat’s ingredients are almonds, saffron, green cardamoms, sugar, and water. These ingredients magically cool you down within seconds after you drink it. Badam ka sharbat is refreshing and essential in hotter months.

74. Neembu Paani

Very easy to prepare, all you need is squeezed lemons, salt, and sugar. This is a delicious thirst quencher that’s commonly available in the streets of any town in Pakistan. The clean and refreshing flavor gives you satisfaction. Plus, it contains a lot of vitamin C.

75. Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is said to have the ability to maintain the water balance in your body because it consists of healthy ingredients. It’s a concentrated squash comprised of fruits, herbs and vegetable extracts.

You can add Rooh Afza into almost any sweet dish, and the most common way to have it is by adding it to cold milk or cold water. Or, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can add them into watermelon juice and make yourself some Tarbooz e Afza.

76. Shakar Kola

With a recipe so simple, it’s unbelievable how Shakar Kola is as tasty as it is. Shakar is raw cane sugar or uncrystallized brown sugar. To get the Shakar Kola, mix the raw cane sugar with water, and you get the refreshing sugar cane sherbat.

77. Sakanjbeen

Made out of lemon juice, cold water, sugar and a pinch of salt. This sweet and sour drink will boost your energy and immune system in hot weather, leaving you feeling revitalized.

78. Sardai

Sardai is a creamy drink, made out of almonds, poppy seeds, and char maghaz. Char maghaz is a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and cantaloupe seeds.

These ingredients make a healthy, creamy smoothie that gives you enough fiber for the whole day!

That was our list of 78 Pakistani dishes and drinks that you have to try! What do you think? Do you have a favorite dish that you want to share? Feel free to comment below!

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