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Keto diet, Atkin’s diet, Paleo diet, Prayer diet, DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, Nordic diet, Low carb diet, High fat diet, Intermittent fasting, low-calorie diet – the list can go endlessly.

Followers of each diet form claim that their dietary trick is the ultimate one.

Although, many of them contradict each other.

However, you need to accept that none of them seems to work for all.

The reason is simple, we’re all different! One size is never going to fit all.

Many of these diets are extreme. Many diets do not even consider what food is locally available.

This guide will help you understand nutrition much better and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is!

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Do you want to know what Kim Kardashian used to eat when she was younger while listening to her father talking about their Armenian heritage? Yeah, in case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian has an Armenian background, a country with a rich cultural past.

If you’re a Cognac amateur, you’ve probably already tasted their world-class liquors. However, Armenia doesn’t just produce some of the finest alcoholic beverages; it also offers a very diverse cuisine.

Indeed, Armenian dishes are clear proof of the way history, traditions, and culture of a region influences the nation’s food preferences. Armenian cuisine isn’t just a reflection of the past and geography of the country as Levantine and European cuisines profoundly influence it.

With over two thousand years of history, Armenian cuisine still sticks proudly to its heritage: even Armenia’s traditional crops and cattle regularly feature in their dishes.

So, let’s check out these 36 must-eat foods in Armenia.

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Lebanon is a small country located in the Middle East by the Mediterranean Sea.

Its capital city Beirut is so amazingly charming and inviting that it’s called the Paris of the Middle East. Beirut has everything a capital city could offer visitors, beautiful locales, rich cultural heritage, clean and refreshing ambience, and scumptious cuisine. If you are planning to visit Lebanon, prepare yourself for some yummy sweet and savory delights.

Lebanese cuisine is truly the Middle East’s best-kept secret.

Believe me; Lebanese dishes are worth trying and you might adopt some of them like me as I have Shish Taouk at least once a week. It’s full of protein, high in fiber and truly delicious.

Check out some of the most delicious foods that I got to relish on my trip to Lebanon.

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Whenever someone says Egypt, we instantly get images of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, pharaohs, camel rides, hieroglyphics, and the Egyptian dance.

Yeah, right, but Egyptians don’t dance like that by the way.

Despite the fact that most people are relatively familiar with all of the above, if you haven’t ever visited Egypt, there’s a good chance you don’t know much about Egypt’s cuisine. It’s probably because you rarely encounter Egyptian restaurants abroad.

We can assume that Egyptian cuisine remains a mystery to avid travelers till date.

But, it won’t be the case anymore.

With the help of a local, we’ve compiled 47 traditional mouth-watering Egyptian foods you must try on your next trip to the land of the Pharaohs and where to find them.

Also, you should be particularly careful because some foods can be dangerous and might lead to botulism poisoning and, in some cases, death.

Here’s your survival guide to safely eating authentic Egyptian specialties:

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Coconut water is the real game-changer in the fitness industry. Within a few years, this miracle drink has gained a huge fan following and become a trendy drink.

And why wouldn’t it be? It’s refreshing, tasty, and healthy.

But, what is coconut water?

Coconut water is the clear, transparent liquid found in green-colored, immature coconuts. If you need the freshest and purest coconut water, get it from young coconuts. They have more water than the mature ones.

Why is it so?

Mature coconuts develop a harder husk, while the water inside solidifies to form the gooey white flesh. That’s why mature coconuts aren’t the best to get coconut water.

To extract the water, you need to chop the top off the soft shell of the young coconut.

The taste of coconut water may vary with different varieties of coconut. It also depends upon the region where they are grown.

No matter where it is grown, its nutritional qualities remain the same.

Coconut water contains many essential nutrients including minerals. So, it is a healthy drink that’s completely natural too.

Let’s check out the top ten health benefits of coconut water.

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Whether natural or not, Kim Kardashian’s buttocks are firm and plump. And the star does everything to maintain them! Targeted exercises to work the buttocks, training frequency, diet …

Today, we’ll reveal you everything you need to know to have to have Kim’s booty.

Indeed, we asked Miami-based fitness trainer and booty queen Babeth Lando about how anyone can build a fantastic body with the right nutrition and workouts.

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Resistance training doesn’t mean resisting to performing exercise at all. It is merely an exercise routine. It’s surprising that the concept has gained popularity over the past decade only.

Researchers have, over the years, identified that resistance training has many health benefits.

Resistance training has become so mainstream that America’s governing body for exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine, included it in its recommendations for all Americans in 1998.

However, many fitness buffs still feel confused about the actual concept of resistance training.

So, let’s find out more about what it is, how to follow it, and which are the most popular strength training routines? We’ll also help you design your program, propose sample programs and outline the mistakes that you should avoid as a beginner that may save you months, if not years.

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Everyone wants to eat healthy these days. You can only take in so many calories in a day, so we want to focus on how to get the most you can out of those calories.

There are a number of foods that will supply you with what you need to be healthy and fit without spending a lot of your caloric spend for the day. Here are 15 foods that will keep you on your caloric budget.

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